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I suffered in my life .. because I could not convince my children about the importance of education


I feel I am independent now and I can work at anywhere.. Since having obtained official legal papers.

   Our mission

To create suitable conditions for Egyptian women especially female heads of households on two levels: personal and societal. On a societal level we seek to change the culture of the community, change laws and policies and change women's image in society and on a personal level we seek to empower women by giving them life skills in various areas through our programs and activities.



My husband used to beat me, but I did not complain, till the day that he beat me and threw me out of the house

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I got married 14 years ago my husband was 35 years old then. I only lived two months with him, and we have a son who is 12 years now

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  ADEW'S Achievements

ADEW was the first Egyptian nongovernmental organization to identify female heads of households as a target group.

ADEW was the first organization that established a micro credit program using a group lending methodology.

ADEW was the first organization to address the problem of  lack official documentation such as iidentification cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, or pension papers, and ADEW was the first to work on solving this problem.

Through advocacy strategy and cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental organizations, ADEW succeeded in helping Egyptian women married to foreigners pass  their nationality on to their sons and daughters.




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ADEW signed protocol with  British Council under name "Active Citizens"  to develop the local leader's capacities who working in society development.

The Governor of Helwan attended "women also can" celebration in the framework of showing the partnership project achievements with Drosos Foundation in  Helwan.

ADEW signed Protocol with Mansour Foundation for Development to empower thousands of women and girls in Maser El Qudema area


To give women, especially female heads of households, their legal, economic, social, political and cultural rights in order to become full citizens and decision-makers within the family. We also seek to make women equal in rights and duties and to give her the same opportunities offered to men so she can make her own choices.



The aim of the competition is to directly address the lack of gender sensitization within the media community, by encouraging and rewarding those members who exert effort and talent in effectively addressing these concerns.



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