To create suitable conditions for Egyptian women especially female heads of households on two levels: personal and societal. On a societal level we seek to change the culture of the community, change laws and policies and change women's image in society and on a personal level we seek to empower women by giving them life skills in various areas through our programs and activities.


To give women, especially female heads of households, their legal, economic, social, political and cultural rights in order to become full citizens and decision-makers within the family. We also seek to make women equal in rights and duties and to give her the same opportunities offered to men so she can make her own choices.

ADEW'S Achievements

- The first feminist organization that offers a micro-credit model centered on the concept of “peer-lending” instead of the traditional notions of collateral. Throughout ADEW's 28 years, the number of beneficiaries has reached more than 350,000 women.

- The first association to recognize the lack of women’s legal representation and their lack of official papers. Consequently, ADEW has worked on developing legal services that issue official documents (identity cards, birth certificates, etc.)

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- A statement to condemn various terrorist attacks - A statement to condemn the bombing of a tourist bus in Taba - A statement entitled “How long will they keep paying the price?” - A statement about the Turkish Prime Minister disrespectfulness with Al-Azhar's Grand Sheikh


-  سكرتيرة تنفيذية


Donor Unit Officer- DUO.

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