“Egyptian women….future pioneers” project promised and kept its promise as my dream was achieved and I was able to work “Royal” one of the biggest French company in Egypt. Also my personality changed positively due trainings and life experiences I gained through this project.

Olivia was depressed while she was in the bloom of her youth every time she searched for a suitable job after she graduated, she got shocked by unachievable qualifications required to have a job such as having 2-3 years of experience. Any new graduate cannot have such qualifications. Olivia decided not to give up and search more until she joined “Egyptian women….future pioneers” that provided her with work market trainings and skills. It also enabled her to find a suitable job opportunity in “Royal” company which is one of the biggest French companies in Egypt.

Olivia Robeel Moawad Bebawy, the female that is 24 years old, lives in “Hada’ek El-maadi” and has bachelor in commerce degree, is telling her story saying that she knows that life would not be easy for me and she could not find a job quickly. As in order to do so, she should have many skills like speaking English and having computer skills. And because she is an optimistic and ambitious person “I started working on herself by joining qualifying and employment for job project that was provided by one of the biggest companies in training center in “Maadi” but Unfortunately Provided jobs weren’t suitable for me”.

Olivia continuing her speaking saying that she started searching for a job herself but Olivia got depressed when she was faced by unachievable qualifications needed for recruitment such as a certain years of experience needed to have good salaries and to avoid searching for another source of money to cover transportation cost. As Olivia got depressed, she accepted a job of accountant in a school that didn’t fulfill her wishes of being promoted to higher level of jobs

She added that her state still the same until Ms. Abeer who worked in a training center in Maadi knew her, asked her to help them by distributing advertising materials for qualifying and employment project. After Ms. Abeer explained for her that “Egyptian women…..future pioneers” project aims to qualifying girls for the work market by giving them training and life experiences and providing them with job opportunity in the biggest French companies and this project is done by cooperation with The French Embassy in Egypt, United Nations organization, and Saweris Organization for Social development under the supervision of the National council for Women. And this project is done by ADEW “ The association for the development and enhancement of women” as this association is consider the umbrella the contains the partner association which are “Gezor-Root” association and the youth training center in Maadi. For all what Ms. Abeer said, Olivia became motivated but she was worried that one of Participation requirements is to dedicated all time for it and this was a danger for her.

And with joyful voice she said that at the moment she filled in the participation form and it had some questions to define who the participant is and what are their expectations for themselves and expectations for the future. After that, Olivia did the personal interview and was accepted in the project. One of the acceptance is that the chosen girl should have an ambition to work and have commitment during the training and the work also. During the 23 days training, Olivia had many of real life experiences and activities which include self-confidence and communications and dealing with others skill , anger management skill, social and emotional intelligence skill, critical thinking skill, problem solving skill in addition to giving information about women rights and how to do CVs and personal interviews and Etiquette.

Olivia said that these training was very useful for me and changed her personality positively as it helped her to have more self-confidence and self-appreciation and to communicate with others such friends, family, and relatives by have effective listening and participating in decisions by having good facial and body expressions.

Olivia with surprising and happiness expressions said that she did believe that her dream was achieved and she had a job in one of the biggest French companies. She said this dream has been a matter of imagination and became real. Olivia did 6 interviews with 6 different big French companies which were Total, L’Oreal, Orange, Saint Gobain, Accor hotels, Credit Agricole. Olivia was chosen to have a sales representative job inL’Oreal which is one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the company.

Olivia explained that she was satisfied about her job as she could make success stories in it by being promoted. She also explained that starting from the first day of her work, she was being dealt with respect was trained in ongoing to be aware of her job details. Olivia was motivated and empowered by her manager and team work as everyone in the company was open to share their experiences with her in addition to supervision of ADEW “ The association for the development and enhancement of women” check if there were any problems facing her.

In the last part of her speech, Olivia claimed that work gives its owner motivation and positive energy, and good expectation for the future. As for her, work gave plenty of experiences that are needed in her personal and in her career. Olivia advised all women working in this project or the new stages of it to gain the maximum benefit of it as this project gives life experiences needed for the work market and endure until she have success.